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Graphic project

In order to improve the handling of your orders and their proper implementation, please read the following guidelines and prepare files as described below.

1. Image file format:
All image files must be stored in one of the following formats:
a / * tif. LZW compression for the IBM PC. The files should be compressed and no layers. CMYK.
b / * pdf. CMYK.

2. Resolutions and size of files:
Graphics should be prepared in 1:1 format with a resolution of min. 120 dpi.

3. Delivery of files:
Prepared files should be transferred to one of the following ways:
a / via FTP. Please select Błażej Kupiec as Your project coordinator. FTP: upload.madomedia.pl
b / via e-mail (if the size does not exceed 20MB file).
c / personally pass on a CD or DVD.
After receiving Your graphic project, our graphic team will process it, and send for Your acceptance.
Please take a second to acknowledge with materials we use:
As a Standard Material we use Natura SO490 Stoplight.
As a Premium Material we use Ferrari Frontlit 456.